Increase the life of Carpet!

Increase the life of Carpet!

In this post I will discuss about how to increase the life of the Carpet.

Carpets increases the beauty of the house and gives a professional look to the office space. We spend lot of time and effort to select a beautiful good carpet and money as well, shouldn’t we give it a long life? Of course, Yes! We always want the carpet to be clean, neat and fresh.

Carpets are made of different materials Nylon, Olefin, Polyester, Acrylic, Wool, Triexta. Each material has its own pros and cons. Lets not go into that detail. Let stick to increasing the life of the carpet.

You should always keep the carpet clean by vacuuming and shoomping. Because of the structure of the carpet, it will collect lot of the dust within and under the carpet, which you will not notice. Gradually the freshness of the carpet will go away and it will look faded with no life in it. If you have kids and pets at home, and in office space if you have more traffic, the carpet will need cleaning often. There might be stains due to liquid spill and regular dirt. 

By regular cleaning, the life of the carpet increases. Its not just the carpet, kids especially play on the carpet most of their time. Dust in the carpet might create suffocation and can give bad odor over a period of time. 

We suggest the carpet should be vacuumed every month and professionally cleaning every six months. The regular vacuum machines will not be powerful enough to pull all the dust and it will not be possible to remove the stains. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner would be a good idea, using a powerful vacuum machine and shampooing will help remove 90% of the dust and stains depending on how often the carpet is cleaned. 

Bonus Point!

Do not use harsh chemicals during cleaning, make sure to use eco-friendly cleaning products especially when kids and pet are at home. 

Once the carpet shampooing is done, even the most powerful machines will not help carpet dry 100%. It will only observe 80-90% leaving the carpet to be moist. Leave the AC turned on over night in the areas cleaned, to dry it completely and to avoid bad odor from the carpet. 

“Contact Dust 2 Shine for professional carpet cleaning and shampooing. Our rates start at Rs. 1.5/- per sqft depending on the size of the carpet. Talk to us for the best quote. We have experience in cleaning regular house carpets to auditoriums and office space carpets” 

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